One bag, One country, and Several hours to go

I did it.

I was able to fit what I feel are the essentials for the trip into one bag...that I intend to carry on the plane. They said it couldn't be done. But I did it.

Let's just hope I will actually be allowed to carry said bag onto the plane.

All that aside, I'm excited about this trip and experiencing it with family and that one guy that is married to my sister. I think his name is Mike or something. (Love ya bro-in-law!) Seriously though, thanks for starting this blog and I'm glad to have you in our family.

Now...on to Vietnam! (and delicious, delicious foodstuffs)


  1. Did you remember your visa? No you didn't. Who had to break into your sister's house, ransack it, and find it. Me. The MVP.

  2. Quiet you. And we had a (bent)key.