Countdown to the Motherland!

Only 4 more hours before we embark upon what I believe will be a life-changing experience! I'm feeling many different emotions right now - scared about traveling to a new place, but also excited about meeting family I have never met before; sad about leaving my family and little nephews and a niece for 2 weeks; dread for the long and exhausting flight ahead; and finally, acceptance of the inevitable traveler's diarrhea.

But I am feeling more excitement than anything else because I have always wanted to travel outside of the United States, especially to where my parents are from. Hopefully, this trip will help me understand and learn more about my parents. Also, I will be traveling with my best friend and partner-in-crime, my husband Mike. He is the antithesis of Asian - tall, white, blond hair, and blue eyes. Hopefully, he will be accepted...

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