Holy Gastrointestinal Calamities Batman!

The reason that (at least my portion) of the blog has been silent is that I've been afflicted with some sort of gastrointestinal nightmare with associated fever, rigors, sweats, and nausea. At least flow was unidirectional, if sudden, uncomfortable, and wholly unpleasant. As I was maintaining hydration (using the isotonic Revive from 7UP) and a small ability to eat I refrained from visiting any of the local medical facilities. Physician heal thyself. I'm hoping this is simply a bad bout of viral gastroenteritis and as my symptoms are improving this remains at the top of the differential. We had a sick one coming in, and a sick one coming out, but I'm glad that our sick casualties were to occur so fortuitously to only minimally affect our trip. I did however miss some happy, excellent meals with the in-laws by report. My loyal and loving wife remained at my side throughout this ordeal.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your unfortunate bouts of gastrointestinal illness. Hope that you are feeling better!