Step Out of the Cornfields & Dive into the Ricefields

January 9, 2011 9:37am

On this morning, it's been 2 days in Hue and I've seen and experienced more than I can digest right now. Yesterday especially I felt much perturbed. Going back to my grandfather's home to pay our ceremonial respects, I step out of the van and find this little girl walking from the pathway of my grandfather's home, crying and asking where her mother was. We tried to take her hand to lead her with us to find her mother, but she refused and continued on down the lonely path crying for her mother, saying her mother left her. I asked my father if there was a social service agency we could call, and he said there was nothing like that here in the village...

Amongst her, there must be many more. Than I began to realize again how fortunate we are to have what we have. Although our first day in the village was rough with torrents of rain pouring down on us as we walked soaked from home to home, to our grandfather's grave, and to the Nguyen Dynasty Temple, we were able to take refuge from the challenges of nature, take a hot shower, change clothes, and refresh from what I saw was a "rough" day; but what many here could describe as "rough" is survival day by day...

I am humbled...by the experiences, the sights, the simplicity, and lack of necessity that people survive on and tread onward. Today, we are off to my mother's homeland of Danang. Not knowing what to expect, I hope to find more balance and clarity in the contrast of Hue and Ho Chi Minh City.

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  1. That must have been so sad and unexpected to see that girl in that state, and not been able to do anything. I pray that she'll be ok and will be able to find her loved ones.