New Year's Eve - day before we leave for Vietnam

It's 5:10 pm and we will be driving off to Ohare soon and taking off for Vietnam at 1am via Asiana Airlines. Am I prepared for 14 hours straight on an airplane? I don't think I've ever sat for that long nor slept for that long really... I spent much of the night pondering how I can avoid using the potty as I did for my 8 hr. plane trip to Hawaii, but me thinks that is not possible.

I loaded up on protein for the day just in case I decide to woman up the first day, try the street foods, become sick b/c my system ain't used to it, and not be able to absorb anything for a while...whoo! I definitely want the full experience of Vietnam including the street theft voodoo that my mom is yelling into my ear right now...apparently Vietnamese thefts can chant verses that can cause you to voluntarily give up your money...ahh! Not to worry, she's putting garlic in my shoulder purse to keep them away...whew I'm safe.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! We will be spending it in the airport.


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  1. Happy New Year and safe travels! Let me know when you guys arrive in VN.