Vietnamese Roulette

January 6, 2011 Noon

Victory! I am nearly done with shopping for everyone...I think and I hope. I may have the hang of it as well. Even though my clan calls me ruthless, I call it compromise bargaining.

These last few days have been hectic to say the least but expected. Vietnamese roulette? It's what I would describe about the road regulation here. I've never seen so many close calls nearing catastrophe and pain...and so many nearly involving us. Everyone who has been to Vietnam says the traffic is crazy, but only until you experience it here in its constant insanity, will you be able to actually absorb it against your will. I myself have experienced it inside a taxi, walking around, family members driving us around, and riding on the back of my cousin's scooter honda myself. I must say I prefer riding on the back of my counsin's honda swerving, speeding, and dodging random drivers/walkers, etc. It was absolutely exhilerating. Rules of the Road Handbook: In Vietnam it's one sentence - "Beep tirelessly and try your luck".

We are going to head to Hue to see our father's homeland in a few hours. I am expecting breathtaking views and hopefully more regulated roads...but I guess I can always adjust as we all have opportunities to do in life.


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  1. What did you get me? Can't believe you rode on a scooter there after what happened last year. Are you crazy?