Like chocolate, but more real

I'll miss it.

I realized today how little time left we have here in "Bietnam", as my nephew Evan likes to call it. It's extremely bittersweet...I'd say a little more on the bitter side, maybe about 70% cacao. I've had such a wonderful experience here but to know that I'll never get to truly know this country is a bit painful. I know I'll be back someday though, and hopefully explore more places with more Nguyen siblings.

Going to Hue, Da Nang, and our grandfather's village definitely made me appreciate the life that was given to me more and now I'm better able to understand what my parents and grandparents had gone through to give us the life we currently have. My sister asked my dad to retell the tale of how our family came over to the states from Vietnam in the seventies. She said that it would be easier to imagine the story in our heads. There was something about actually being in the country and now being able to picture everything more coherently that made the story a little bit more real this time. Everything is a little more real this time. Because we are here...even if only for a short time. And I will come back someday.

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  1. I'll miss you guys' awesome posts. The pictures combined with your writings have given me a little bit more insight of my motherland. Can't wait to see you guys again to talk about your trip!