Strength in One

She killed it.

The smell of freshly fallen rain surrounds us in this city called Hue in central Vietnam. After arriving here last night, I've deduced that this place sees many dreary and wet days. The residents walk the streets in rain gear of various "hue"s (haha, see what I did there?) and street markets are protected by massive umbrellas threatening to give at any point due to relentless winds.

Despite these less than ideal conditions, life goes on much like the river that runs along this hotel. People move along persistently, intent on being as efficient and productive as possible. As we were sitting down to breakfast, there was a woman rowing her single boat across the river with as much vigor and speed as the scooters that speed along the streets here. Rain and wind aside, she easily mustered enough strength to row faster than my sister could get her camera in focus to take a picture of this admirable feat.

She overcame the relentless rain, whipping wind, and rolling river. Yep, she killed it.

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